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Hello.  My computer was not working in my house for a long time and it stressed me out, but now it's working in the house just fine and I have internet set up and all that fun stuff.  The house is crazy, the kitchen is messy, I have the best, most satisfying job in the world (cornstarch is amazing here and here), and all in all, I'm mostly content with life.  With a house of 12 people, it's hard for me to get anything done because there is always something going on.  I still haven't moved all the way into my room, but I need to get that shit done this weekend because HOLY CRAP! Xtina is going to stay with me Tues-Thurs, and possibly Stefan and Danny, too.  Wow, I haven't seen Stefan in over a year.  Wow.

This is my quick plug for Quinn and Kara's web comic.  I am mostly doing a plug because there is one panel where Kara has a cat on her head and her ever-present big cleavage and it makes me squee a little in a cute happy way.  Awwwwwwwwww.

I love this weather because it is so delightfully Portland but hate it because it means I only go to venues within walking distance, thus limiting shows to the Doug Fir and Holocene so far, but in theory also includes Acme and Rotture (the new Loveland).  I need new music and feel like I'm going stale.  I love PDX Pop Now and our mission and our whole fuck the whole OLCC thing and yay all ages, all-inclusive venues, but I feel like a hypocrite when I get frustrated about things to do or places to go when hanging out with the 21- double fun buns.  Maybe this really just gives me greater personal justification for the cause.

This coming week is Glamour Week at my house.  It's eight days (ok, not all of these kids passed elementary school) of dressing to the nines, drinking fancy, and walking to the grocery store.  So I bought four new colors of eyeliner, ha.  A few of us went out for beeries last night, and one of my housemates (who is a couple years younger than me and getting married in 6 months) told me that he thinks I'll be the next one from the house to get married, and this bothered me all day.  Yeah, I don't know to whom either.

No New Year's Eve plans?  Then plan on spending it at Thug Mansion/Amizot/Falcor/Gnarsville/Troubled Home for Former Girls.  You wear the pants, we bring the dance, too many is never enough.

PS--We're looking for a roommate to move in ASAP.    The room is about 12' square with two huge windows and an excellent view of the westside lights.
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