Ebeth (wild_yogurt) wrote,

safety pins

The other day while I was waiting for the bus after work, a Hispanic/Latino man with no teeth told me that I was beautiful.

Later, when I was on the bus, I saw two people, 11 blocks apart, almost be hit by cars.

Sometimes I think my job isn't as cool as I think it is, but it really is.  I don't think I say that often enough, or I say it too often.  In February we are having an OMSI people D&D party, because most of us need to up our red geek cell count.

I found my cousin Ben's website here.  He had a few pieces at a nearby gallery, and when I went to check them out after Xmas, the fellow there gave me the very last copy of the free calendar that features Benny's art.

I've recently re-discovered that no matter how crappy I feel, after I go swimming I feel so totally blissful that no one's tragic, dominative moods can get to me at all.

We just confirmed our venue and dates for PDX Pop Now!, so sometime in the next three days I will begin booking.

Someday I will rant about little girls and princess shirts.

I have worked 119 hours in 15 days.  Thirty-nine of those hours are overtime, which means payment equivalent to time-and-a-half.  Next week I am going to buy a larger bed.  Sadly, with all those extra hours, I did not get to handle any of the artifacts--no Wookiees, no costumes, no Landspeeder.  The closest was spotting the rolling of an AAT into a crate.  While all the other ladies did artifacts, I helped the men build crates and pull down heavy signs.  I suppose that as beautiful as I am, I am not so delicate or graceful as a Han Solo costume.
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