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personal ad prank?

Umm, I a little confused.  About an hour ago I received a confirmation e-mail from the Willamette Week that pretty much read, "Dear Liz, thank you for your personal ad submission.  You'll get your box code in the mail soon and we'll contact you in the next two days if we require payment." 

No one calls me Liz but my family, and they definitely didn't do it.  No one in my house did it (well, Lahela looked guilty, but she was also high), so... I'm a little lost.  I can't find the ad (yet) to know if it was flattering or malicious, and I'm torn between writing back to tell them that it wasn't me and waiting to see if or what kind of response I get.  If I get charged, I'll definitely have it removed, but... hmm.
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