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we could make a movie out of this

Score one for Ebeth and the People's Scientific Education Front of Judea!  Trans fats...

And here's a bit about

I could puke numbers.  I could fall over on the floor and let my knees and palms dig into the cheap carpeting while sevens, zeros, nines, three hundreds, eighties, and dollar sign after dollar sign pour out of my mouth and flood up to my elbows, then pass out and asphyxiate, my mouth a permanent grimace of infinity from the last eight lodged in there.  Contrary to Remedios, I think Things Generally Work Out for the Best, but I don't feel it in this one.  There is no threat or consequence great enough for these ugly few to cough up the $35, $80, $139, $365 (edit: Now $35, $594, $485.) that they long owe the account, and those numbers just keep getting bigger as bills come in, weeks wear on, and the next rent rolls around.  Kick them out?  Some have already moved, others are just too difficult to even try to make sensical, and another is such a piteous condition that demanding that great sum seems almost--almost--too cold-hearted a thing to ask. (She has since moved, though still owes us a great deal of money.) Bah--sometimes I feel terribly uncool for being what seems so comparitively responsible and on top of things.

that I wrote a few weeks ago when I was heinously stressed about the financial situation of The House but never posted.  However, since it's still mostly true and stresses me out a great deal but has since become background stress in the face of New Fantastic Housies, there it goes. 

One of SE Washington's most beloved local bands, the Seaworthies (formerly Moon Turn the Tides), have posted the entirety of an early album available for download at their Virb site (oooh, Virb).  I love it.

Bad French in Current Music warning.
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