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It is never a good thing when your piece of dried mango tastes a little like dried fish.

I fear I'm being sucked into an abyss... I watch Doctor Who with such passion that I have immense sympathy for the Daleks (Tom Baker just taught me about their genesis!  Oh, Dalek!) and we've started playing Dungeons & Dragons at work because we have such geeky professions, we thought it silly that only a few of us had it in our history.  Our Dungeon Master (from the tech lab) wrote his masters' thesis on it.  I am a gnome bard who's skills so far include performance-comedy and hiding.  We had a craft night last week to make our dice bags, and this week we start the game.  Oh dear.

If I don't mention it enough, PDX Pop Now! is amazing.  It is a group of such passionate people, it intimidates me a lot.  I'm in love with it.

Newish bands for you to look into if you don't already:  Pocket Parade (Blowish, Architecture in Helsinkiish, Jason Anderson/the Rabbitsish), Binary Dolls (I'm professional, I'm professional!  You're all amateurs, you're amateurs!), and Menomena (25-person choir!).

I've also become a little impressed with this thing called Grabb.It, which is a little like Last.fm or Pandora, but it compiles songs from all over the web into one giant iTunes-like player.  the only problem is that you can't browse/change pages and continue to listen to the same song.
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