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accio decision-making skills!

Big ugly decision:  Harry Potter #7 comes out the night of July 20.  Borders wants three OMSI educators at a few of its locations doing Potions for the event.  So cool!  It's clear to them to ask me because (1)  chem lab!  dry ice! cool stuff! and (2) I already have a Hogwarts costume (oh yes).  But!  It's freaking Harry Potter #7!  The last book!  The book to end all books on the subject!  I don't really want to spend it at megacorp Borders--I'd much much much rather be at Powell's.

So, doing the coolest science ever for the coolest purpose ever or being selfish and being at the much cooler event just being a normal person?  If I did the former, I could trade out a few costume pieces and traipse as Pansy Parkinson instead of unidentifiable Gryffindor student... blargh.  I'm feeling selfishish.
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